Sprint 2019 Student Mentees

SkyTank Labs had the pleasure of working with two talented students from the Bloomfield College Creative Arts & Technology Program for their Spring 2019 semester. We sat with each student to learn more about their current skill sets, interest and career goals. Both students had shown interest in 3D modeling and character design. With this in mind, we custom tailored learning paths for each student and began training using online resources such as Pluralsight.com, FlippedNormals.com and GnomonWorkshop.com  Students were introduced to software packages that suited their interests such as MODO 3D for 3D modeling and Zbrush for digital character sculpting.  At the end of their time with SkyTank Labs, each student had a better understanding of the careers they wanted to pursue and the skills required to pursue them. Most importantly, the students were shown the importance of becoming continuous learners and how to manage their time to always fit in self teaching using resources available online.

Concept art provided by Catarina M Rodriguez 

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